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Minimal system requirements


Operating system

Windows from 2008R2 server 64 bit
Linux 64 bit
Unix 64 bit
AIX 64 bit

Database system

Oracle from version 10
MS-SQL server from version 2008R2
PostgreSQL version 9.2

Web server

Apache/Tomcat 8,5 or 9

Runtime environment

Java SE Development Kit (JDK), Version 8 (Oracle or OpenJDK)

Hardware (approx. 50 users)

2,8 GHZ dual CPU or higher
128 GB hard drive or higher
8 GB RAM or higher


Web browser

Mozilla Firefox current version
Google Chrome current version
Apple Safari current version
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0 or Microsoft Edge

Monitor resolution

1.280x1.024 pixels recommended




Multi-lingual basic system

  • XML/XSL parser for generating HTML, PDF, CSV
  • Session management (memory and user control, auto logout)
  • Navigation via browser (menu, favorites, help, login/logout)
  • Integrated report generator
  • Data export/data import (XML)
  • High security standard
  • Configuration via browser

Rights management

  • Definition of rights profiles down to screen element level (screens, entry fields, buttons, navigation)
  • Assignment of rights for groups and users

User management

  • Automatised registration
  • Group management
  • User monitoring (view of active users)
  • Definition of user profiles
  • Matching with LDAP/AD server

Master data management

  • Customizing of all master data via browser
  • Management of master data in multiple languages
  • Definition of own screens and fields

Przedstawicielstwo w Polsce

Justyna Gębala
ul. J. Lea 114
30-133 Kraków
+48 (0)12 42 87 500


Simone Wesche
+49 (0)30 293 63 99 - 10

proventis GmbH

+49 (0)30 293 63 99 - 0
Alte Jakobstr. 83/84
10179 Berlin