Project management in companies or organizations is often only half as organized as it could be. This statement is underpinned by a study from November 2016. The GPM - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Projektmanagement e. V. (German Project Management Association) investigated how working hours are structured in projects. The result: project staff stated that their companies did not do enough for better workflows and therefore for optimized working hours either. A project management office, or PMO, can help. The following white paper describes what exactly a PMO is, how a gradual introduction can be successful and how the creation of a PMO can have a positive effect on project business.


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  • What is a PMO?
  • Establishing a PMO: Structure counts
    • Six steps to a PMO
    • Project culture – Recording the status quo
    • Communication of advantages and aims
    • Draw up a catalogue of rules
    • Planning scope and details
    • Management and communication culture
  • Provision of infrastructure
  • Real-life example
  • Conclusion


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