Full roads, constant delays due to congestion, greater risks and, unfortunately, more and more accidents: road traffc is a perfect example of what happens when too much happens at once. And now, imagine that road signs, traffc lights and speed limits exist, but every driver interprets them in their own way. “Perfect” chaos! Project management is similarly chaotic when an understanding of the field is missing, when the agreed framework is not met, and when resources
are somehow distributed without rules being observed. Pile-ups? Injured, in the sense of failed projects? Congestion, because employees cannot be in two places at once? These are foreseeable consequences. It is all the more important to face the challenge of professionalizing project management, resource planning and administration. This is the only way to avoid projects being initiated in an unmanageable traffic situation, and a punctual and accident-free arrival at the destination being more dependent on luck than on professional competence. This white paper is your project and resource traffic policeman.


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  • What road traffic has to do with project management
  • When is a project a project?
  • Excursus: Single and multi-project management
  • Resource management: What’s the point?
  • The criticism: Data protection and surveillance
  • Resource management in practice
  • A tool does not make resource management


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