Both individual and multi-project management thrive on planning: steps, resources and budgets are defined, on the basis of which you can implement your project in a coordinated way.

Depending on the project, however, neither the classic waterfall model nor the agile approach using Scrum, Kanban etc. are conducive to this planning. Why? Because both models present challenges. While a rigid framework must be adhered to in the classic approach, which is also complex due to a fixed sequence of activities, the agile approach organises itself from day to day. Agility may be well suited to software development, but corporate planning requires classic project planning, which does not break things down into every little detail.

But why not combine the best of both worlds? This paper is intended to show how companies can combine the classic and agile approach in line with multi-project management and steer numerous projects at the same time.


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  • From waterfall to drop
  • What and when: A question of perspective
  • Excursus: Multi-project management
  • Multi-project management with the “Combined solution“
  • Know how to use the advantages of both worlds
  • Multi-project management: Classic and agile
  • Technological framework
  • Conclusion


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