Few other business sectors are currently experiencing such major changes as the banking sector. To survive in the face of competition, banks are currently placing great emphasis on innovative approaches. In order to meet the different expectations of customers in times of digital change, agile approaches are needed that enable an early proof of concept and conclusions to be drawn from the market reaction. With a growing project portfolio, however, there is a danger that good ideas soon run out of steam due to a lack of resources. Even worse, strategically important projects are often delayed because the necessary resources are tied up in less promising projects. To avoid such undesirable developments, banks need a stable tool for evaluating and weighting projects. This is a guide to implementing solid Project Portfolio Management (PPM) in 4 steps, which will give you the answer to this key question:  Which projects contribute most to the successful future of our business model?

As an objective evaluation and monitoring system, PPM enables a clear statement to be made about which projects contribute to what extent to the achievement of set strategic goals. At the same time, you create a solid communication basis for the allocation of resources to projects and the correct strategic alignment of your project portfolio.


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  • Introduction: Evaluating projects in times of digital change 
  • Replace random good luck with targeted project successes 
  • The 4 areas for action for successful Project portfolio management 
  • Area of action 1: Present resource utilization in a comprehensible way 
  • Area of action 2: Assigning, displaying and checking responsibilities 
  • Area of action 3: Objective project evaluations with scoring 
  • Area of action 4: Certainty at micro and macro level 
  • Outlook - using generated data as a strategic advantage


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