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Project evaluation with a click

Departmental and company-wide resource utilization is provided in real-time by means of graphical and tabular reports. With one mouse click, you can evaluate all projects in the company with the most important default/plan/actual figures and summarize them at program and project portfolio levels according to your requirements.


Optimal project accounting

Blue Ant provides you with easy verification of work performed and the project costs incurred. You can validate all cost items (work, material and travel expenses, etc.) with checking and release mechanisms, and compile and bill them within the project invoice. On request, all billable, non-billable and already billed work is displayed and can be converted into performance records or invoices at the push of a button.


Flexible integration into existing IT systems

Blue Ant enables seamless integration into the existing IT systems of your company. Modern web standards and interfaces are available for this purpose. So, there is no reason to replace accepted applications, therefore reducing implementation time and increasing acceptance of your multi-project management.

Project managers

Transparency for decisions

The classic or agile project plan provides control-relevant information at any time in real-time at any location. Project risks and project plan deviations can be quickly identified and countermeasures communicated. At the push of a button, you can generate current project characteristics for customers, controlling and management, and use powerful presentation reports to prepare them. As a result, you receive up-to-date key figures and status reports and reduce your administrative effort.


Increased project quality by adhering to standards

You keep track of small tasks and reminder points with ToDo lists. ToDo listshelp you maintain important standards in your projects. With project templates and a ToDo list import, standards can also be defined for all projects. From the processing of open points in an OP list to checking the adherence to project management methods and project process steps, ToDo lists help  you ensure project quality.


Rapid identification of suitable project resources

With the help of the knowledge management integrated in Blue Ant, you can quickly find suitable project resources for your project and request them with the respective resource manager with one click. Resource utilization graphs and existing project reservations give you advance knowledge and project planning security.


Efficient use of project resources

Different work-time models and country-specific holiday calendars as well as individual skill profiles help you plan your resource deployment. Integrated approval processes for resources, working hours, travel expenses and absences are automatically triggered and speed up coordination.

Portfolio managers

A better overview: Projects from different perspectives

Blue Ant helps you define portolios and manage the projects in them. This allows you to grant various groups access to the project constellation you have defined.


Detect misalignment quickly

You can quickly identify the status of your portfolio and act quickly with the help of the portfolio dashboard. The project lifecycle overview shows the current status of all projects. Using the progress information and burn-down chart, you can identify any problematic developments from a "bird's eye view".


The traffic control centre of your projects

Within the portfolio, you can directly change the status or runtime of your projects, for example. You also have access to an overview of all project dashboards and can open individual projects directly if required.

Resource managers

Utilization in view

All project requirement messages regarding necessary project staff are managed centrally, and allow an overview of the resource situation.


Ensure a balance between project and line

Particularly in the case of internal projects, it is necessary to ensure a balance between the resources required in departments and projects. Using the reservation function in Blue Ant, it is possible to coordinate requirements in advance and keep them as defaults for future planning.


Find suitable project staff at short notice

Blue Ant allows project staff to be requested automatically on the basis of project planning or in the form of a manual message by a project manager.

The resource manager can search for the required skills, taking into account availability, and submit recommendations to the project manager through the resource pool.


Project staff

Fast time recording from anywhere

Using time recording, you can quickly and easily record your workloads on projects, activities and tickets. Whether at the office or on the road, you have easy access to your data with any internet-compatible device. This saves a lot of time - your time.


Travel expenses billing in a few steps

Integrated travel expense recording helps you record your travel expenses to the right project correctly according to tax rules. Automated testing and approval processes considerably reduce the processing time of your travel expense accounting by the authorities. Expenses can be reimbursed quickly and costs charged to the client.


Transparency through complete project documentation

Document storage allows you to centrally manage all project-relevant documents in one place. Changes to the documents can be registered at any time and documentation statuses are historized. Comprehensive project documentation ensures compliance with quality standards and creates transparency.


Connection of daily operations and project work

With the ticket system, you can collect, process and monitor all tasks, regardless of whether they can be assigned to a project. In this way, you keep an overview of all ad hoc tasks.

Project Management Office

Automatic migration of all individual projects

The PMO is the control centre for company-wide multi-project management and an interface to management. With Blue Ant, you receive technological support for this task. Data and information on all projects are managed in real-time in project controlling and are available for your day-to-day business. You are automatically integrated into all essential approval and information processes.


Resource management "par excellence"

The central resource pool gives you a quick overview of the actual resource usage. It is possible to identify distortions of ongoing projects and uncover planning inconsistencies in advance.


Programs and portfolios under control

Administrative tools give you the option to "model" the entire project landscape. This allows you to set up and monitor programs and portfolios. Precise indicators can be generated at the push of a button over all levels (projects, departments, program, portfolios) and integrated into freely definable management presentations (layout, design).

Project controlling

Powerful analysis and early warning system

All data collected in the context of multi-project management is available to you in project controlling for detailed project evaluations and reports. Whether you are looking at a current utilization situation or future utilization scenarios - with just a few clicks, you get all the information you need in real-time. Thanks to the integrated modular system for your own reports, you can also calculate standard key figures as well as company-specific key figures based on ongoing individual projects.


Project portfolio visualization supports strategy orientation

Using portfolio visualization, you can evaluate complex project landscapes and evaluate them graphically. In this way, different questions can be answered about your multi-project management landscape with regard to portfolio and program composition as well as numerous other project parameters (project categories, priority, number of resources, budget, etc.).


Quickly identify current work costs

Workflows are collected via the respective projects and their activities and are processed for evaluation in project controlling. These variables are again included in other project controlling key figures, such as in the earned value analysis and project performance. This allows you to generate up-to-date premiums or key bonus figures without the need for extra charges.

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