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Frequently asked questionsFor interested parties

Here we answer the questions we are often asked by potential customers.

Questions About Training and Support

What support is provided before and after implementation of the software?

Proventis supports you in gathering all the necessary data for the start, during the installation, staff training and if required also in project management methods. After the introduction, we provide comprehensive and customer-oriented support.


What form does the training take? Can every participant work on their own notebook?

The training is a mix of presentations and exercises. Each participant should have a PC or notebook. On request, some project management methods can also be addressed .


Do the participants receive any documentation?

Blue Ant is fully documented in the user manual. Course participants will receive a handout with some basic information.

What information is included in the 'Master data set-up' ?

All basic and employee information required for the successful start of the software use.

What are your support times?

Mo-Fri from 9 am - 5 pm (9.00-17.00)

What is your support reaction time?

Contractually no later than 4 hours after an inquiry on the same or next day. The current processing time of requests is approximately 1.5 hours.

Are updates, troubleshooting and new installations included in the support contract?

Troubleshooting and updates are included in the support, new installations are not.

Questions About the Implementation of Blue Ant

How do I achieve a high level of acceptance of the software solution?

The installation is done in several steps based on the Blue Ant principle through technical and method transfer and is tailored to your company and the needs of your employees.

What preparations (except for training) need to be made for the quick set-up of the software?

1. Master data gathering with us
2. Record variable data (old data import of projects and documents if required)
3. Evaluate the need for interfaces and create an interface concept
4. Implement interfaces (if necessary during operation)

How much training will I need?

1. Standard training: 1-2 days
2. Train-the-Trainer course: 2 days
3. Methods  training (2-4 days)
Blue Ant Training

How long will it take from the order until Blue Ant is up and running?

1. SaaS: approx. 1-2 weeks
2. Purchase: 2-4 weeks (without adjustments)

How will I be supported in the daily use of the software?

1. Online ticketsystem / telephone support
2. Documentation (manuals, online help, training materials)

What support is provided before and after implementation of the software?

- PM consulting
- Technical and methodological training
- Customer Newsletter
- Customer and Partner Days

Technical Questions About Blue Ant

Are Mozilla Firefox and Safari fully supported?

Yes, they are.

Which databases are needed?

Blue Ant supports MAXDB, Oracle from Version 9, PostgeSQL 8.2 and MSSQL 2005.

Will the necessary software such as Apache/Tomcat be installed by you?

We can install the Tomcat version 6.0 or later provided by you. Update recommendations are issued with Blue Ant updates. In addition, you should consult us before every Tomcat update you carry out. In general, however, you should be able to maintain and operate the system.

Is Debian distribution supported?

Each varaition of Linux that allows you to install the supported databases, Sun Java JDK 1.6 and Tomcat is supported. In very recent Linux versions incompatibilities are possible. In terms of productive servers, you should rely on proven kernel and libraries.

In the SaaS solution, how frequently is a backup carried out?

The SaaS server database is backed-up to a separate backup server daily.


Does Blue Ant run in a 'virtual machine' ?


Is Tomcat compatible with other servers?


How big is the application?

Blue Ant itself requires about 75 MB.

How is access to the SaaS servers controlled (restricted access, firewall, IDS)?

You will receive access to Blue Ant as part of the acquired licenses, but not to the server itself.

How quickly do you respond to new security gaps in the operating system and software?

You are responsible for the BS as a customer (SaaS at proventis). Vulnerabilities in Blue Ant are corrected and made available to the customer as an update (this has not happened up to now).


Do you have requirements for data backup? Which method do you suggest?

A backup is only essential for the database. No important data is stored in the application itself. Your IT administration determeines the type of backup. The backup of the program files and the Tomcat is recommended, however.



We will be using Oracle Database Express. The database has already been installed on an existing machine. Are any other preparations necessary?

The UTF8-Version of Oracle Express must be installed.


What does our IT Administration have to do in terms of software administration?

Administration of the Oracle database (security, availability, etc.), the server for Blue Ant, Apache Tomcat (updates, reboot, delete logs, etc.) and possibly the general Blue Ant Administration (master data, etc.).





Blue Ant Product Information

You will find the most important information on Blue Ant summarised in our product brochure.

Blue Ant Product Information (7.4 MiB)

Company Profile

You will find detailed information about our company.

Company Profile (2.1 MiB)


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