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Central management of all resources

All internal and external employees or service providers are managed centrally in Blue Ant. The connection to an LDAP server or another central employee database enables the ongoing synchronization of all employee data, including public holidays, leave entitlement, work-time models, internal costs, line managers and qualifications. Historicizing costs, holidays and public holidays provides a robust platform for all projects, even with frequent changes. Individual data fields and masks allow the extension of employee records.

Approval processes

Different resource approval processes can be defined depending on the project type. You can, for example, use specific thresholds to control the when the line manager must be consulted about resource requirements.

Resource requests can be also made using knowledge requirements. Central resource management is assisted by a powerful knowledge search for locating resources.

Release of work-times and costs

All recorded working hours are submitted to the project or line managers for checking. An additional completion report for the calendar week and optional attendance information (clock in & clock out tracking) support this process. Separate workflows can also be used to request material and travel costs from the project participants. After approval, the actual costs are directly imported into Blue Ant via interfaces or recorded using receipt management. A new release process transfers these costs into the project.

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