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Quick time recording

  • Templates for work-time recording
  • Quick and exact recording with the Stopwatch function
  • Simple recording with day and week overviews
  • Percent complete recording
  • Display of the weekly quota and work that has already been booked
  • Overall view of project and ticket work-times


Comprehensive recording

  • Time recording with calendar function and weekly overview
  • Individual time recording incl. start and end time as well as break or duration
  • Configuration of the recording type for each resource
  • Recording of estimated overtime or remaining work
  • Completion reporting of weekly work-times
  • Completeness check of work-times based on the work-time model
  • Specification of reasons for non-billable work-times, including consideration in billing
  • Locking of the calendar week after completion report
  • Recording of Clock in/Clock out times configurable for each resource

Administrative tools

  • Recording of work-times for other resources
  • Transfer of work-times (across projects)
  • Export of work-times including export ID and edit-lock
  • Recording for each resource using ‘From/To’ times or by ‘Duration’
  • Overbooking of activities configurable per project
  • Overbooking of role-specific quotas configurable per project
  • Use of cost centres to accurately invoice hours worked
  • Overtime account, including carry-over and flexitime bookings
  • Selectable release processes for work times
  • Collective transfers of work-times including releases
  • Deadline rule for work-times
  • Definition of free checking routines for recorded work-times (Batch run)
  • Cyclical import of time recording from external systems