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Portfolio and program management

Define your own portfolio and programs by adding individual colours and expanding your master data with your own key figures and properties. You can flexibly manage all the necessary portfolio information in a central location using individual fields and screens. By defining different project types and project life cycles, uniform processes can be controlled from the creation to the completion of a project.

Portfolio and program managers

Assign individuals or entire teams to a portfolio or program. In doing so, you can define the rights within the portfolio down to project level. This makes it easier for the individuals responsible to navigate from the bird’s eye view of the portfolio down to the individual projects and their activities.

Swift structuring of your project landscape

Blue Ant supports you by quickly structuring your project landscape. Define portfolio and program and assign your projects. This means that you always have an overview of all current and upcoming project topics and their criticality when the number of projects increases.

With drag & drop, you can change the composition of your portfolio. You can edit the central specifications, such as project run times and dates, or project status, directly in the project overview.

Portfolio and program simulation allows you to run through any scenarios of project priorities, time sequences and resource requirements you wish. The workload of teams and individual knowledge carriers is taken into account.

Graphical dashboards summarize the project complexity and give you simple indicators of necessary interventions.

Customized reporting

Ad hoc reports can be created at the touch of a button from the project overviews. For example, view the individual dashboards of all your assigned projects. You can also use the integrated report generator to create presentations directly from the portfolio or program.

Blue Ant connectors and web services allow you to exchange or synchronize project data with external systems.

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