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Transparent project planning

  • Quick creation of a project using template management
  • Support of classic, agile and hybrid planning methods
  • Simple creation and modification of project plans
  • Import of all project data from templates, projects and MS Excel
  • Definition of resource, project or individual cost-rates down to activity level
  • Definition of billing status for each activity and planned costs
  • Planning interface to MS Project
  • Project creation from quote items
  • Calculation methods (‘forwards’/’backwards’), including critical path and configurable conflict reports
  • Project plan calculation with consideration of approved and/or planned absences
  • Option to create any number of baselines using current planning and/or other baselines
  • Option to create any number of links between activities throughout the multi-project structure
  • Displays showing main and sub-project structures, including all activities, as WBS or Project schedule (GANTT chart and network plan)
  • Interactive GANTT view (drag & drop)
  • Linking of ToDo lists, ToDos, documents and risk assessment with activities
  • Central ToDo lists and Kanban boards

Flexible budget and quote management

  • Free definition of costs and investment types and their structure
  • Top-down budget assignment for main and sub-projects monetarily and/or in man days
  • Definition of budget defaults in time intervals (month/quarter/year)
  • Quick definition of the budget through the transfer of ‘plan’ and ‘actual’ data
  • Budget calculation based on profitability
  • Target revenue recorded manually or based on confirmed quotes
  • Quotes with freely definable status
  • Definition of fixed-price or work performed quotes
  • Quote value based on the project plan or freely-definable items
  • Linking of quote items with activities and consideration of ’actual‘ values in billing
  • Creation of activities from quote items
  • Invoice proposals with payment deadlines for invoices based on quotes or actual data
  • Invoice proposals by means of a serial function for freely-definable time intervals
  • Linking of invoice proposals with milestones

Project controlling

  • Freely-definable project life cycle (workflow and rights)
  • Freely-configurable status reports including submission cycle and sending of emails
  • Generation of key figures (efficiency, profitability and profit)
  • Monthly plan notifications
  • Evaluation of revenue based on the cost-to-cost (CTC) or earned value methods (EV)
  • Dashboard control of all relevant information
  • Work effort forecasts and milestone trend analyses
  • Quick and simple adjustment of percent complete at project and activity level
  • Performance overview using comparisons of target, plan, baseline, actual, estimated
  • Tabular or graphic views of effort and remaining effort, percent complete, cost and earned value development
  • Cost and budget control
  • Simple and quick adjustment of the plan values to estimated work effort
  • Creation of project invoices
  • Archiving of projects
  • Report generator


Risk and stakeholder management

  • Freely configurable fields (e.g. status, probability and impact) for defining overall and individual risks
  • Linking individual risks with activity planning
  • Extension of risks by individual fields
  • Evaluation and controlling of risks
  • Quick and simple creation of all stakeholders
  • Freely configurable fields (e.g. type, influence and conflict potential) for stakeholders
  • Linking stakeholders to individual activities
  • Involvement of stakeholders in status reporting
  • Graphical evaluation of stakeholders

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